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ShoeFly™ Funsets™ | Butterflies Black & Hot Pink | Black Lace


SKU: 60301

Lace ‘em Up™ and Have fun.

Butterfly Shoefly™ Fun Set

- ShoeFlys™ Away... with these fun, colorful and interactive soft lace-on butterfly wings. Winged Funsets™ Includes 1 pair of Laces, 4count/2 pairs of wings and miles of fun!

Laces are 100% Polyester and woven to help them stay tied!

ShoeFlys™ Instructions:

1) Align the ShoeFly™ with the eyelets in your desired location.

2) Thread Shoelace through the Shoefly™

3) Lace each eyelet with one pass.

Leave the top shoe eyelets open for sizing and securely tying the shoe.

Collect them all!!

Stars | Fairies | Monsters| Dinos| Bows

For more instructions & Demonstrations go to

Shoefly | ShoeflyDesigns
| Shoeflys a Hickory Brands, Inc. Company
Laces and packaging made in the USA. 
ShoeFlys rubber parts made in China.
Product assembled in the USA.

{Not for use in kicking sports or activities}

*Not for children under the age of 5. Do not put in mouth.